Our Story

Mind Maths Academy was born out of a parent who wanted to give their children every opportunity in the world to reach their fullest potential.

Isabella's Story

Hi! My name is Isabella and I started Mind Maths Academy after having my two children. I wanted to give them an education which gave them the greatest opportunities in the world; one which nurtured their interests and brought forth their natural talents, and one which gave them the confidence to give anything – and everything – a try!

I remembered my own time at school and even though I did well in all my subjects, I never felt comfortable with mathematics which then caused a domino effect: physics, chemistry, computing, all STEM subjects – everything with a maths element put me off and I ended up studying subjects for their lack of maths rather than through passion.

Simply from my discomfort with maths, a WHOLE WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY was closed down to me.

And I wasn’t alone. Most of my friends felt the same way.

I did not want the same for my children.

What was Happening?

My research led me to discover that rather than being a bastion of mathematics, Europe, the UK and the US were beginning to flounder. Maths anxiety in both children and adults was significant, leading to a shortage of both maths and key STEM subject teachers, with the situation becoming increasingly worse year on year and even being described as an ‘epidemic’. In the UK, for example, large financial incentives were being given to teachers training exclusively in maths and science due to such an acute shortage. 

As such, the teaching of maths in Europe and the West has become uninspiring. Many children simply do not like maths and do not feel particularly comfortable with it. What’s more fascinating is that the more they learn the less comfortable they feel, as if the new concepts they are continually learning remain alien to them.

But on the other side of the globe, mathematics is booming! Countries such as Singapore, China, Japan and Taiwan are far ahead in the education league tables for maths. This has a domino effect on STEM, with these same countries also remaining solidly in the top spots for science as well.


What are children in these countries that we in the West are not?

They are learning Abacus Mind Maths.

they are learning abacus mind maths

All these countries lead the world in maths by a significant margin.

In the PISA rankings, all the top spots belong to Asia in countries where Abacus learning is skyrocketing. 

From Singapore to Japan, China to India, parents are sending their children to Abacus classes after school. The results are amazing.

Not only that, but every research paper about Abacus Mind Maths concludes that children who study Abacus Mind Maths perform consistently better than their peers in school not just in maths, but in every subject.

And so, I set out to becoming a certified, expert Abacus teacher.

Realising the power of Abacus Mind Maths, I decided to bring this incredible method to as many children as possible.

Alongside maths teachers and Abacus experts from around the world, we have developed a full Abacus Mind Maths curriculum – from simple calculations up to mental calculations of squares, cubes, decimal equations and more – designed to create a solid maths foundation and accessible to every child wherever they are in the world.

And so, Mind Maths Academy was born.

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Created by mathematics experts, our course is guaranteed to boost your child’s mathematical abilities and confidence.

Abacus Mind Maths is a proven method to change the way children understand numbers and calculate problems, accelerating their maths abilities and enabling them to do incredible feats utterly in their minds.

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