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Unlike other maths programmes, we teach your child the skills to use mathematics with ease and confidence. Equipped with these skills, children are then able to build upon their mathematics knowledge base much more comfortably.

In other words, rather than just teaching your child mathematical concepts, we build a solid foundation of understanding for them. This means that they will have a strong grasp of numbers and this number sense will allow them them to have a higher level of computational fluency, which will enable them to use numbers confidently and proficiently.

You can find out more about how Abacus Mind Maths works, by downloading our free eBook, “The Ultimate Guide: How to Ensure My Child’s Early Maths Success.” or by clicking reading our Why it Works page.

Abacus Mind Maths is a skill and as such requires time and practice. So, although you will see quick results in your child’s ability to use the Abacus, to start doing Mind Maths with ease such as Shivaansh here usually takes around 4 months.

Younger children may take slightly longer, but every child is different. As long as they continue to do the worksheets and practice regularly, they will see amazing results and develop skills they will keep for life.

Each child is different and learns at a different pace. The beauty of our programme is that your child can take as much time as they need to be fully confident before moving onto the next part of the course. 

The other advantage is that our course is finite. That means once the course is completed, your child will be armed with the skills to excel, for life.

The course consists of 10 Units, each 10 weeks long. The entire course can be completed in 24 months. However, although our subscriptions are up to 24 months, after completion of this period, we give you a futher 5 years free access so your child can revise any concept they need a refresher on.

It also means any younger siblings will also have the opportunity to do the course!

We have created our Mind Maths Programme from children 5-15.

However, children over 15 are welcome to do the course if they’d like.

During childhood the brain is developing and creating synapses – or connections. The brain’s plasticity means repeated actions form these important connections in the brain. In other words, learning and practicing the Abacus regularly will form these synapses and strengthen them, resulting in the skill being retained for life.

Younger children from 4 upwards can certainly learn the basics of the Abacus and simple additions and subtractions.

Typically however, our students start at around 7 years old.

If you would like to discuss your child’s unique circumstances, you can take advantage of our free 1-to-1 consultation service. Click here to book!

Unlike other online maths programmes, we do not treat your child simply as a generic algorithm with a computer as a teacher and all questions completed online. All milestone examinations are marked by real teachers, so we are able to monitor your child’s progress and identify any areas they may need more practice in.

We recognise children are developing in every way including physically and so to reduce screen-time and give little eyes a rest from glare, our worksheets are designed purposefully to be downloaded, printed and completed offline.

Of course! All our packages are for the entire family.

All children in a family are able to take full advantage of the Abacus Mind Maths Programme. And after the two-year Programme is over, we give you a further 5 years access completely free, so younger children have a chance to do the course when they are ready.

A family membership covers all siblings in the family. After 24 months and full payment of the course, the course is then remains available to your family for a further 5 years, for free! This ensures that younger siblings also have the opportunity to complete the Abacus Mind Maths course.

Our best value however is our one-off payment options, which gives instant access to all the family for 7 years.

With schools having closed in many countries during the pandemic, parents are rightly concerned that their children’s education has been disrupted and they have fallen behind. Schools are in a pressured position, needing to help children ‘catch-up’ quickly, without having time to make sure that each child has fully learnt and grasped all the new information that they are receiving.

As Abacus Mind Maths is a skill, learning Abacus Mind Maths places your child in a strong position with the skillset to both catch-up and to excel academically, building their confidence with numbers and analysis. 

Abacus Mind Maths increase your child’s understanding and mental flexibility, giving them a significant advantage over their classmates. The result is a strong academic ability to understand new concepts more quickly, and power their catch-up efforts not only in maths but in all subjects.

You can sign-up today for your free 7-day trial, where your child will be able learn how to use the Abacus and download our premium worksheets for free.

You can also download our free ebook, “The Ultimate Guide: How to Ensure My Child’s Early Maths Success.”

You can also have a free 1-to-1 consultation with us to discuss more about Abacus Mind Maths how it can help your child. Click here to book your session now.

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