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Mind Maths Academy is the most powerful online mathematics foundation programme for children aged 5-15, ensuring their Early Maths Success.

We teach your child Mind Maths skills that will stay with them for life. With these skills we create strong mathematical foundations in your child so that they will be able to build upon these foundations with confidence and without any gaps in their fundamental maths knowledge.

Most powerful online mathematics foundation programme

Tall buildings can only be built on strong foundations. We build the strongest foundations.

We create this strong mathematical foundation by drastically increasing your child’s visualisation skills using the Soroban Abacus.

This foundation consists of:

Number Sense

This is the understanding of how number relationships work.
By using the Abacus, children are able to physically see the relationships between numbers, simplify problems and use this to perform calculations much faster.


This is the ability to visualise problems and apply the correct mathematics to solve them.

Computational Fluency

By learning to use the Abacus, children will have the ability to use a more efficient approach to solve particular problems. This additional flexibility makes children far quicker in their calculations and much more accurate.

Read more about building a Solid Maths Foundation and the benefits of Abacus Mind Math learning in our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide: How to Ensure Your Child’s Early Maths Success.”

How the Programme Works

There are two components to our programme:

Learning to use the Soroban Abacus

Understanding and using the Abacus involves a development in number sense, visualisation of numbers as 'concrete' objects and a development of the right-left brain computation skill.

Learning to use the Soroban Abacus

A jump up from using the Abacus as a physical tool, Mind Maths takes your child to incredible Mental Maths abilities.

By visualising concrete beads rather than abstract numbers, children do not overtax their working memory. Rather than trying to remember a series of numbers, children only need to remember a single bead configuration. This means they are able to calculate the answer as soon as the numbers are read out.

Both of these elements are taught in the programme simultaneously from as early as Week 3!

Why get the programme

Mind Maths Academy’s unique programme begins with your child learning how to use the Abacus before they move on to simple additions and subtractions. Once they are comfortable with these easier sums we move directly onto the core of our programme, Abacus Mind Maths.

Abacus Mind Maths abilities are achieved through mental visualisation of the Abacus. In other words, children are able to visualise the Abacus entirely in their minds. Children then mimic the Abacus by using the same hand gestures as if they had the Abacus physically in front of them. Moving their hands as if they were moving the beads of the Abacus allows children to ‘see’ the answer rather than ‘calculate’ the answer. By doing so, they build expertise in Mind Maths, strengthening their mental synapses and retaining the skill for life.

By week 3 the programme, your child will be confidently doing simple sums completely in their heads.

Once your child has learnt how to do basic sums on the Abacus, we gradually build the difficulty beginning with larger additions and subtractions before tackling multiplications of several-digit numbers and division. Finally, we will teach your child how to calculate problems involving decimals, squares and cubes entirely in their minds.

Why is Abacus Training so Powerful

Why is Abacus Training so Powerful?

“We grow your child’s brain, literally!”

The Abacus is a visual tool. This means that rather than relying on the left-side brain alone for calculation, the right-side brain – that in control of visualisation, creativity and imagination – is activated. This develops connections – or synapses – between the two hemispheres which allow them to work together when approaching mathematical problems.

In other words, your child’s brain is being physically wired to approach maths problems in an entirely unique way to their peers, engaging both sides of the brain; the logical and the visual-spatial.

The result is a much more efficient brain composition for solving mathematical problems than that taught in schools. Studies from Harvard to Stanford, China to London have been conducted on the Abacus, which each finding conclusively that children who learn the Abacus show superior results to their non-Abacus trained peers.

The results of this way of calculating and problem-solving are Amazing.

Studies have confirmed that Abacus Mind Maths learning increases a child’s IQ by several points, the equivalent or 2-3 grades in school.

Not only that, but the Abacus builds key competencies in children which help them to excel in all subjects at school. Such skills include:

This short list does not do justice to the huge number of advantages that Abacus learning gives to a child. To learn more, download our free eBook, “The Ultimate Guide: How to Ensure Your Child’s Early Maths Success.”

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"The effects of Abacus learning on the brain are so incredible that they are continually being researched."

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